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3 Activities for Your Princess's Spa Party to Create and Relax

Everyone has that one thing that helps them unwind, something they can spend hours with. For some, it can be as simple as sitting back chilling, while others can find joy creating new things. Hobbies like knitting, drawing, or making scale models may seem like things for adults, but the art of creating is something people of all ages can enjoy.

In fact, your little one, may very well have the talent to create, so how about feeding that talent while still having a fun time at a mobile spa party? Here are a few ways we can let your kids create things they can bring home with them.

1. Creating Their Own Masterpieces

Surely you have heard of Sip and Paint parties: social events that let you chat with drinks and appetizers while you enjoy a painting lesson. Set your princess’s party apart by hosting a Sip and Paint Party aboard our mobile venue.

You can enjoy a nice afternoon with cupcakes while they create their first masterpieces. They can be conventional canvas paintings, or if you are looking for something a bit more practical, they can also paint mugs to drink their hot cocoa in.

2. Food Art

However, if your princess has more of a sweet tooth, then decorating their own donuts is the way to go. This craft party, where they make their own pastries will not just be fun the whole time, but also allows each child the opportunity for self-expression through their food art.

This is perfect even for those picky eaters, as they can choose and create their perfect donuts. This princess party is a fantastic experience for the little chefs. And after all the creating the princess will enjoy a spa treatment and take-home treats.

3. Bringing the Spa Home DIY Party

The only problem with most mobile spa parties is that they must end. But why should that be the case? In fact, the best thing about this party is that your child will be able to keep the spa treatment going.

The kids will be able to take a part of the spa back home with them, as they create their own lip gloss and bath scrubs with our DIY creations. Not only do they learn how to make lip gloss, body scrubs and hand soaps they get to enjoy the fruits of their own work!

Make an Amazing Day Truly Unforgettable

The greatest part of a mobile spa party is the chance the kids will have to explore new interests in a relaxed manner. Their childhood years are a great time to discover passions, and activities like painting, creating new things or simply self-care can be the perfect way to discover their talents.

Not only are they getting treated like absolute royalty, but they get to engage and participate in all the activities. So, consider a mobile spa party to let your princess explore new and exciting things.

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